The main purpose for FRD Racing School is to provide fun dynamic and safety racing training course to the students. Though our elaborated program, students’ racing skill and ability can be explored and fostered. In the meantime, basing on the performance from the students, we will develop different programs to upgrade their causes or personal interest into professional career.

FRD instructional programs including track days, driver trainings courses and group programs, these items all welcome individuals or groups attendances, Most of the programs begin with brief sessions indoors, following by hands-on car control exercises and track racing techniques in various professional racing cars.


FRD provides different levels racing training programs. If you do not have any racing experience, you can join the entry –level courses. If you want to upgrade your driving skills, you can join our advanced driving programs, through our professional data analysis; upgrade your racing skill into the next level.

All our training programs are held on professional F.I.A. (FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L'AUTOMOBILE) standard circuits, which provide highest level of excitement and safety to you at these premier facilities.