Another Achievement for Changan Ford Racing Team in 2017 - 2nd runner up in Overall Team Championship

Source:Changan Ford Racing Team   Post:2017-11-26
2017 CTCC had finished the last race in Shanghai International Circuit on 27th November. As the long-lasting victory team in the championship, Changan Ford Racing Team had done their very best this year and winning the 2.0T Super Class overall 2nd runner up. Marin Cao had also obtained the overall 2nd runner up among all drivers.

This is the 12th anniversary for Changan Ford Racing Team to fight in CTCC, while the outstanding 9 champions in 12 years and 3 overall driver champions had marked the superior position for the team in China motorsport. The team had also promote and support related businesses and areas such as Ford Focus Cup, Maternity Cup, Celebrity & Charity Race etc., so as to seek and provide trainings to local young drivers, while Martin Cao was one of best drivers selected from the programs.

The last race of 2017 CTCC had hosted in the longest track among the season, Shanghai International Circuit, with a total distance of 4.6km and 1.2km straightaway. It is always the most challenging circuit for the teams and drivers. With all the difficulties, Changan Ford Racing Team had built the all new Ford Focus with the upgraded 2.0L Ecoboost engine, so as to maximize the performance of the car. Aerodynamics had also enhanced with 3D designed cooling system and spoiler. All new setting from the professional Changan Ford Racing Team engineers had given the Ecoboost engine the biggest advantage in stability and handling.

The tight battle on the points table had brought the season to the highest excitement. The lap time between the top 7 drivers had less than 1 second gap, and Rainey He had clocked the fastest with 1:54.911 among the team and claiming 6th in the sheet. Martin Cao who had the highest potential to fight for the driver champion started from 8th and overtook few rivals on the straight and taken the 4th place. Zhang Dai Sheng from the 12th and started closing up to the front. However, Martin didn’t obtain any points due to mistakes while Zhang finished 7th. Rainey had taken the car back to pit with 12th place, locked up the pole start in the second race. The 2nd race was also the 100th race in CTCC, which motivated the drivers to fight their best in such memorial moment. 4 cars had retired due to the impact during the race, while Martin chased from last place to 4th, and Captain Rainey defended well to gain points for the team.

The glory is still continuing and aiming for the next championship. Changan Ford Racing Team had been working so hard in the China Touring Car Championship for over a decade and the drivers and crew members did not give up until the end of the season. The season is over but our goal towards the next champion will always be the motivation to build the best of the best team and cars in the future. We will see you again in 2018 season.