Nothing is Impossible for Changan Ford Racing Team

Source:Changan Ford Racing Team   Post:2017-11-25
CTCC Finale had started in Shanghai International Circuit on 25th November. Changan Ford Racing Team had overcome all the challenges in the first race. Zhang Dai Sheng finished 7th, while the other teammates had suffered from incidents. But they will prepare to give it all out for tomorrow.

The first race had started on Saturday afternoon. Due to the BOP regulations from Guizhou race, Changan Ford Racing Team had been suffering from getting into the group in the front. But the drivers did not give up during the race and Martin Cao was taking up to 4th place and aiming on the opponents right in his sight.

Andy Yan was having a major impact and suspension was broken, which he had no choice but to retire from race. Captain Rainey He resumed after entering the pit but safety car was deployed right after and Rainey lost his chance to fight back.

Unfortunately, after the safety car left the track, Rainey’s car was having a problem in the throttle response while Martin was forced to overtake two drivers under safety car to avoid the accident and the officials declared exclusion to him, which also means that he had no hope to fight for the overall driver champion.

Despite the matter of fact, Changan Ford Racing Team will do their best in the last race of the season tomorrow, to challenge anything that is impossible.