Challenging combat in Wuhan for Changan Ford Racing Team - Martin Cao leading among Chinese drivers

Source:Changan Ford Racing Team   Post:2017-11-12
Sinopec Lubricants 2017 CTCC Round 7 Race 2 had finished on 12th November. Andy Yan finished 4th while Rainey and Zhang Da Shend took 7th and 8th by avoiding multiple collisions.

The Super Cup Class Race 2 started in the afternoon. Andy Yan and Zhang Da Shend started in the first row of the grid and Zhang tried to keep the opponents at his back while Andy had fallen into the tight battle. During the dog fight Zhang was hit at the back and car spun accidentally, but he quickly resumed and try to get back into the crowd.

Martin Cao and Rainey He from the middle of the grid had put a lot of pressure to the drivers in front and overtook few drivers. However by lap 6 Martin was hit and the suspension was cracked and he had no choice but to retire from the race. Although all the pressure was on Andy in the second half of the race, he maintained his pace well and finished 4th. Rainey and Zhang took 7th and 8th respectively. With the great effort from the three drivers, Changan Ford Racing Team had climbed back to the 2nd in the team’s points table.

Andy and Rainey both expressed this is a tough race weekend for the team. With the BOP affecting the performance of the cars and unpredictable street circuit, the result is not satisfying but is still competitive and challenging. Battle is over but next wave will be coming in 2 weeks. Changan Ford Racing Team will be aiming to overcome all the challenges and fight for the championship in the final race at Shanghai International Circuit on 25th-26th November.