Freshman in AFR - Hugo Hung

Source:Asian Formula Renault   Post:2017-09-23
2017 Asian Formula Renault had already come to an end by September. Young drivers had performed so well and shocked the crowd, while there are some new drivers joining the series at the same time. Hugo Hung from Hong Kong first stepped into the motorsport industry as a driver in Asian Formula Renault. Although the speed and G Force is way different from sport cars on road, he didn’t feel panic when driving with the formula. Furthermore, he loves how the speed brought him excitement.

Hugo is a car enthusiast. He had driven a lot of supercars before, but he feels that formula racing is giving him a totally brand new sensation, “In first impression I thought Asian Formula Renault is just a fast kart with familiar handling and acceleration. However, the most difficult part is to control it well and driving with stability in this 490kg and 210hp formula car. Without any electronic assistance, driving with perfect racing lines every lap is one of the greatest challenges, which I am so eager to achieve a faster target time in the future.”

He added, “I would like to thank my sponsors from Hong Kong and Australia, my team S&D Motorsports who supported me alongside. It is just like a dream for me to be a real motorsport driver. It is my pleasure to race with other AFR drivers who are so vigorous to win the champion. I will be continue racing in the series next year and before that, I will be having an intensive training in Malaysia to get used to the speed and G Force so as to keep up with the series drivers. My goal will be top 10 in overall and I wish I can be one of the famous Hong Kong drivers someday later.

2018 Asian Formula Renault will be having a lot of young drivers to join the series. We would like to see you racing with us!