The Pan Delta Super Racing Festival Comes to an End

Source:FRD LMP3 Series   Post:2017-09-20
After two days’fierce competition, the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival of 2017 has ended on September 17th and the prizes have been awarded. The final match -- FRD LMP3 has been the most attractive one. Jimmy Lin, a famous artist, racing driver and owner, led his team and cut a smart figure in the departure ceremony. Having the qualities of a good father, Jimmy Lin never fails to remind fans “to drink plenty of water to compensate for the hot weather”, which is really very loving and caring.

As a final result, KCMG formed by Neric Wei from China and Josh Burdon from Australia won the game and rose their rankings one step upwards in the annual standings, exceeding Jimmy Lin and his PTRS and became the runner up of the total ranking. The grand champion was harvested by Craft Bamboo.

There are three battle of focus in The Pan Delta Super Racing Festival of 2017, including the Renault Clio Cup China Series, the Asian Formula Renault Series and the FRD LMP3 Series.

Part 1 Asian Formula Renault Series
Two Chinese drivers born in 2001 performed well in the Asian Formula Renault Series at the start of the season.
16-year-old Chinese driver Daniel Lu, runner up of the first round in 16th, beat Louis at the advantage of 0.748 second and became the champion of Group A. Another 16-year-old driver Cao Zhuo also performed well, promoted his ranking from the fifth place in the first round in 16th to the third place in the second round.
After the competition, Daniel Lu said, “I used a new tyre today and the grip is much better than before.” In the eighth lap, because of the accident and the use of the safety car, he felt the pressure from Louis behind him. “It has been a great impact on me. The distance between us was narrowing, but I finally managed to achieve victory.”
This 16-year-old young man told the reporter that he was ready to take part in the race in Europe. “Because you can be faster there and learn more", he said.
    Hua Miao, who once won the championship of Group B, continued to play well this round and won the game. Being the only female driver in this season, Grace Gui became runner up in group B.
However, when the host made a joke of her “holding up half the sky of the game”, Grace Gui did not appreciate at all for the sexism. “In fact, there is no difference between men and women on the track; female drivers are no worse than male drivers, we can do even better.”
Her speech was applauded by the reporters. Females are just as excellent as their male peers. This episode also let everyone get a feel of the Chinese female driver's ambitions.
It is worth mentioning that,after these ten racing in five stations in all of the fighting, the racing scoreboard result of the Asian Formula Renault Series has been clear. Charles Leong from Black Arts Racing beat the other drivers and locked the championship title one stop ahead of schedule with the score of 245 by winning four of the first places, two of the second places, three of the third places and one of the fourth place.

Part2 Renault Clio Cup China Series
So far this season, the Renault Clio Cup China Series has completed totally 4 stations including Zhuhai, Zhejiang and Shanghai (for two times) and finished its 8 races. Group A presents a hutch hegemony situation, David Lau and Frank Yee ranked the first and the second place in the total standings with the score of 208 and 184. They are now the first class, the championship will be born among them if no accident happens.
In the first round of game in 16th, David Lau failed to continue his previous strengths and only ranked the fourth place. Frank Yee exceeded Yang Chun Lei of 4.642 seconds and won the championship with an almost a perfect play. At this point, the top two points were further narrowed, the ownership of the championship is unpredictable, and we can just wait and see after the final round of game.
The second round of game happened in 17th was still between David Lau,Yang Chun Lei and Frank Yee. But this time, David Lau gave no opportunity to his opponent and finished the game first. Leading the runner up Yang Chun Lei by 4.003 seconds, David Lau won the championship of the year.

Part 3  The FRD LMP3 Series
After the fierce competition in Zhejiang and Shanghai (for two times), Craft Bamboo (89 points) and PTRS (81 points) became the top two in the rankings. KCMG got the third place, and the pattern of "three strong hegemony" has taken shape. All the other have been out of the championship battle since none of them have earned more than 50 points.
The FRD LMP3 Series are divided into two races: the opening race and the straight race.
In the opening race happened in 16th, leading the runner up by 6.412 seconds, Craft Bamboo won the championship easily. This winning further cemented his position in the standings and laid the foundation for the eventual championship of the season. As a result of a collision accident, PTRS only got the eighth in the ranking and withdrew from the grand championship contest ahead of schedule.
The official competition was equally fierce on September 17th. KCMG made up by Chinese driver Neric Wei and Australian driver Josh Burdon beat all the other teams and won the match. They also overtook PTRS and rose to second place in the annual total ranking.
Craft Bamboo got itself into Top Three in a steady way. Holding the advantage to the end of the game, they got the annual championship finally.
"We usually take the second and the third place in the last few games. But this time in our own site Zhuhai Circuit, we are finally able to win back. This makes us very happy." Neric Wei said after the game, "But we are only the second in annual total this year, which a bit of a pity for us, but we will continue to work hard next year."
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