Chinese Motor Racing Masters —— Exclusive interview on Kenneth Ma

Source:FRD LMP3 Series   Post:2017-09-15

      Kenneth Ma is "a famous driver" whom everyone in Chinese car circle knows.
    The driver has joined the motor race and got many achievements in circuit in the past, but now he has finished his gorgeous turn and became the head of the FRD LMP3 Series and committed to training a younger generation of Chinese drivers to promote China's motorsports to meet international standards.
     Twenty-three years ago,Kenneth Ma has started racing on the streets of Zhuhai. Twenty-three years years later, he sat in the media exclusive interview room at the Zhuhai circuit, where he has been a motorsports promoter, who has been called “FRD Godfather” by the fans.
On September 17th,the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival ended. This is also the ending war of the Asian Formula Renault Series and the FRD LMP3 Series. Looking forward to the future of motorsports, Kenneth Ma was so ambitious and he hoped that more Chinese drivers could stand on the international stage.
Reporter:What do you think about the racing and lineup of the current  FRD LMP3 Series?
 Kenneth Ma:FRD was founded in 1997 and has just been for 20 years. We have successfully brought the professional and advanced racing experience and exciting competition to Asia to promote the development of motorsports in Asia. This year, FRD founded China's new high-end prototype car championship——FRD LMP3 Series( Le Mans Prototype 3) ,which was very popular. Our several best drivers,the motorcade of stars such as Aaron Kwok and Jimmy Lin and many top European drivers joined in the championship. For example, for the ranked game on September 16th, the gap among 6 cars was 0.1 seconds, which meant their levels were similar.  

Reporter: What are your assumptions about the potential and development of this championship?
Kenneth Ma:We want to build the highest level prototype car championship in China and I hope more high-level Chinese drivers will take part in this competition. More than anything else, that is what I want to do.
Reporter: What do you think is the difference between domestic events and foreign events?
Kenneth Ma:In the past, we all said the gap between us and Europe were great. Now, we also have some high-level drivers like Zhen Zhuowei, compared with European masters, who have similar level. I hope the Chinese drivers can reach the international level in the future.
Reporter:For more than 20 years, you have been working on the promotion of racing cars, now the Chinese market is starting to develop. How do you think of the prospects of China's racing market?
Kenneth Ma:There is a lot of space for China's racing market. Just imagine that 20 years ago, when we started with FRD, it couldn't compare with the present situation. Because China had a population of 1.3 billion and with the improvement of people's living standards, the vehicles gradually have entered every family, the motorsports will flourish and the Chinese racing culture will become more and more strong.  
Reporter:You can see the Chinese people take part in the motorsports games except F1, but at present, Chinese players have not participated in the world's top F1.  What do you think is the reason?
Kenneth Ma:Compared with Europe and America, we do lack something. For example,there is more practice in Europe than us and there are more competitions. We felt hopeless (of catching up with Europe) in the past, but now, we can train good drivers in three or five years. Of course, we can’t just aim at F1, but also F3 and 24 hours of Le Mans race.
Reporter:China's capital investors have chosed to invest in overseas football clubs, why didn't they choose to invest in the F1 club?
Kenneth Ma:It's not a hard job. We buy a F1 team or a football team and investors and sponsors join in it. The operation mode is almost the same. It's easy to buy a team to represent China to join in the match.
Reporter:More and more artists and stars have chose to participate in motorsports. How do you feel about the popularity and promotion of this project?
Kenneth Ma:We have been promoting the integration of motorsports and performing stars. For example, stars to become drivers and stars to become motorcade bosses. Jimmy Lin, Aaron Kwok and Alex Fong are some of them. Now, there are many drivers who are very popular and have their own fans, and they are also becoming stars. Stars can drive the industry.

Reporter:How can you make the cars look like a sport with distance and really get close to the audience?
Kenneth Ma:In fact, investors and sponsors teams can attract motorcade and drivers performances, which is a complete set of business system. People don't have to spend a lot of money to buy tickets and watch games, they are not far from racing. By developing the "champion road", we will train more young people who are interested in motorsports to make more people enter the racing world.
Reporter:Do you have any good advice for young Chinese who want to be racing car drivers?
Kenneth Ma:Participate in our "champion road" project because we will explore and train a number of young drivers and work with the F1 team and we will send them to Europe for training. Though they can't participate in a very high level of competition in the short term, but for the long-term development, we must train Chinese drivers to enter the top event.
Reporter:What do you think is your biggest achievement from drivers to racing promoters and business executives?
 Kenneth Ma:If I am being a driver and a boss and often get awards at the same time, it is unfair for other drivers (laugh). Now I need to offer more, to provide better and professional service for drivers because drivers are our source. This is very meaningful.