Pavan Ravishankar claimed his first win of AFR in Zhuhai

Source:Asian Formula Renault   Post:2017-09-16
The 11th race of Asian Formula Renault took place in Zhuhai International Circuit on Sep.16th, 2017. Pavan Ravishankar triumphed in the 1st race of AFR in Zhuhai by a dominant pole-to-win and closed the gap to his rivals in the drivers’ standings.

According to the result of qualifying this morning, Pavan Ravishankar from BlackArts Racing team grabbed his second pole position this year by 1m35.382s. Daniel Lu, who will start from the front row alongside Pavan, ended up second fastest by just 0.042 seconds. Louis Prette and Cao Zhuo start from 3rd and 4th respectively.

At the start, Pavan made a strong start from pole position, held the lead into Turn 1, and successfully kept Daniel Lu behind. After them, Cao Zhuo, who started from the 4th, also made a great start that he quickly caught up with Louis Prette, trying to overtake him from inside. Meanwhile, Brad Dias joined the battle for the 3rd from outside, trying to go three-abreast into the firsdt corner. However, Louis had a better getaway than the others and held the 3rd position after then.

On the 3rd lap, Luo Kai managed to overtake his teammate Brad Dias in Turn 12 to run fifth. He then pressured Cao Zhuo after two laps and dived inside of Cao Zhuo at Turn 14 to take for fourth. Cao Zhuo then snatched the position back at Turn 4. During the final two laps, Kai Luo again got the outside of Cao Zhuo with a clear but decent move at Turn 9 and held his position to the end. Cao Zhuo then was under pressure of Victor Liang, who made a bold move trying to pass Cao Zhuo with a very late brake at the first corner, but Victor Liang ran wide on the exit, kissed the sand and had to retire the car.

Finally, Pavan took his first victory in AFR, taking the pole position, fastest lap and victory of this weekend. He celebrated with the team members excitedly and thanked the support from his team and family. Daniel Lu and Louis Prette ended up the 2nd and 3rd.