End of the War - 2017 FRD LMP3 Series season finale in Zhuhai

Source:Renault Clio Cup China Series   Post:2017-09-12
2017 FRD LMP3 Series is having the last race in Zhuhai International Circuit this weekend. Although the typhoon damaged the circuit, they managed to fix it quickly and the last race series of Pan Delta Super Racing Festival will be hosting on time.

There will be around 20 drivers for the last race of Asian Formula Renault Series. Charles Leong from BlackArts Racing had obtained enough points to win the overall champion before the final race come while Daniel Lu from Asia Racing Team will be chasing for Road to Champion trophy to win the sponsorship from Renault Sport Formula One Team. At the same time, Louis Prette from BlackArts Racing will be right behind Daniel and try to sneak for the runner-up position.

Class B Hua Miao from BlackArts Racing had already taken the leading place while Grace Gui from S&D Motorsports will try her very best to have a fightback for the champion. They will be battling to each other as their points had already spread the gap with the 3rd place. Road to Champion drivers Allen Wang, Le Wei and Xu ZiXuan will keep doing their best in where they first having the training with Formula Renault.

Other than the existing drivers, two more new drivers from Road to Champion He Yu and Sebastian Chen will try to make to the top of the podium after the last race in Shanghai where they both taken a total of 3 podiums last month.

David Lau from Class A is now 208 points in the leading place while Frank Yee is standing on the 2nd with 186 points. Yang Chun Lei is now on the 3rd. Class B Leo Lam is leading again with 16 points advantage with Donny Yu. Harry Chai is now on the 3rd.

After 3 exciting and close call battles, FRD LMP3 Series is now in the last corner before the season ends. No.95 Craft Bamboo Team, driven by Mathias Beche and Jamie Winslow are now leading with 89 points, while No.17 PTRS driven by Andrew Waite and Yann Clairay are now right behind with 81 points. No.18 KCMG driven by Josh Burdon is now on the 3rd place.