New challengers in Renault Clio Cup China Series - Sebastian Chen & He Yu

Source:Renault Clio Cup China Series   Post:2017-09-11
2017 Renault Clio Cup China Series had finally come to the last race this season at Zhuhai International Circuit in the coming weekend, while the overall champion is still an unknown until the last race is done, no matter is Class A or Class B. Among all drivers, Sebastian Chen and He Yu were selected from Road to Champion National Driver Program and they had won the seats for joining the last two races of the series. Both of them had already taken their first trophies in their debut race.

Sebastian had experience driving Formula Renault and touring car in Shanghai International Circuit, which he is more familiar with the circuit than He Yu. He expressed that, “Although I had raced before, driving a Renault Clio Cup car is my first time. The handling is easier than a formula which also means that skills will be the critical fact to win the race. I had been suffering with transmission failure in the first race but I made to the 3rd in the second race. I feel satisfied with the outcome.”

He Ye is a new driver with plain experience in motorsport, but he managed so well to drive the Renault Clio and took two runner-ups in his first race weekend. He felt surprised about the result and now he is confident to take the champion in Zhuhai race.