FRD LMP3 is heating up in Shanghai in the coming weekend!

Source:FRD LMP3 Series   Post:2017-07-25
The 2nd race of FRD LMP3 Series will be hosting in Shanghai International Circuit on 29th - 30th July with ultimate high temperature. With the highest standard of the circuit and cars, audience will be feeling another hot atmosphere from the race.

The FRD LMP3 series had a successful start in Zhejiang International Circuit with more than 5000 audience visiting the circuit and enjoyed the race. With the main straight from Shanghai International Circuit, this will become one of the best scene for all guests coming to watch the race.

Having celebrities such as Aaron Kwok, Jimmy Lin and Jackie Chan setting up teams to join the race, it already become one of the best motorsport series in China, while Jimmy will be leading PTRS again and will be having interaction with the crowd before the main race, so as to support the teams and drivers.

Asian Formula Renault Series and Renault Clio Cup China Series will continue their starting of the 2nd half season with new drivers coming and young drivers from Road to Champion will make their debut appearance in the F1 circuit.

From the very first race, FRD LMP3 Series is very concern about live experience of the crowd. There will be be food area and Disney will also giving out thousands of posters and sunshades to the crowd. Kids and elderly will not be bored in this event.

We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend in Shanghai International Circuit!