Changan Ford Racing Team takes it all on its Stride, One Challenge at a Time

Source:Changan Ford Racing Team   Post:2017-07-09
Changan Ford Racing Team, consisting of Captain Rainey He, Andy Yan, Martin Cao, and Peter Li, competed in a thrilling race to secure valuable points for the team in the first race of round 4 of the 2017 China Touring Car Championship.


The quartet achieved its objective this morning of gaining a few places despite unfavorable starting grid positions, and to stay close to rivals who posed a threat to them in the overall Manufacturers’ Championship. Yan, Cao, and Captain He each secured a top-10 finish at sixth, seventh, and ninth respectively. The 24-year-old Cao continued his fine form from the last round two weeks ago and moved himself up five places from 12th on the notoriously tight Shanghai Tianma Circuit that offers few genuine overtaking opportunities.


Changan Ford Racing Team knew it would be a challenge this weekend in Songjiang. Success at the China Touring Car Championship comes with a steep price, and with Balance of Performance (BoP) implemented, and a total of 340kg of success ballasts distributed across the four vehicles, the team knew it would need to take small steady steps, and tackle one challenge at a time, in order to continue making progress towards Manufacturers’ Championship glory.


Team Technical Director Brian Ma said:“The team raced solidly in the first race this morning and we are satisfied with the overall result. We knew this weekend could be tricky for us, with the BoP and the significant amount of success ballasts we are carrying. The Shanghai Tianma Circuit is a very small and tight track and we knew opportunities to gain positions would be scarce. I think the two safety car periods helped us and Martin and Andy were able to take advantage of that to make up some ground.


It is all about perseverance for Changan Ford Racing Team today. The journey to defend the Manufacturers’ Championship is going to be a long and bumpy one, and we will ride out the storm, overcome each challenge as they come, and prove that we can win whether things are with, or against us.”


With one more race to the half way mark of the 2017 China Touring Car Championship, Changan Ford Racing Team retains a certain point cushion in the Manufacturers’ Championship with Cao still leading in the Drivers’ race.