Chen Ling Hang won the 4th round Clio Cup China Series as new comer

Source:Renault Clio Cup China Series   Post:2017-07-02

The second battle in Renault Clio Cup China Series in Zhejiang came alongside with a new comer Chen Ling Hang, who clocked the fastest lap time during the 2nd qualifying session. Without having the pressure from joining the first race, Chen’s stamina will be his advantage for this race. But with lacking of practice time this will be balanced with other drivers.

During the start David Lau was following Chen at the back but unfortunately he crashed in the second corner and this made him fell to the back of the group with half a circuit distance. Although safety car was dispatched, David was way too far from the group and even he kept clocking the overall fastest lap, he was not able to catch up to the top tier.

In the last lap, Chen Ling Hang won the champion smoothly while Frank Yee won the 2nd place and another new comer SK Tong won the 3rd.