Battle between Aces - FRD LMP3 Series Main Race

Source:FRD LMP3 Series   Post:2017-07-02
After the two races from AFR Series and Clio Cup China Series, the most exciting and long awaited Le Mans Prototype race - FRD LMP3 Series Main Race had come to a start in the afternoon of Sunday, while Taiwan celebrity Jimmy Lin interacting with audience had brought the crowd to the highest point of excitement.

According to the regulation, the grid was having a change, which No.95 from Craft Bamboo Racing was leading at the pole with Mathias Beche, while No.33 from S&D Motorsports was on the 2nd starting with Ma Qing Hua, and No.18 from KCMG was at the 3rd starting with Josh Burdon.

With the close battle with rolling start, No.33 took the lead but with the understeer issue, No.1 from FS Sports was affected by this incident and was forced to return to the pit to have tire change. No.95 spread a 3.8s lead with No.18, which made the team a safe pole position. With the high quality drivers, the fastest lap time of the 10 out of 11 cars were having only 0.5s difference.

By the last 10 minutes, No.95 put pressure on No.18 and No.18 made a late brake mistake. No.95 spread an 8 second gap during the last 3 minutes and took the champion. No.18 from KCMG took the 2nd and No.3 from Eurasia took the 3rd.