Cao Zhuo from Asia Racing Team took the 5th round champion in AFR Series

Source:Asian Formula Renault   Post:2017-07-02
Right after Clio Cup race, Asian Formula Renault Series started off as the first ever formula race in Zhejiang International Circuit. With the high heat and windless weather, drivers’ mentality and body strength will be the most critical factor in the race.

Daniel Lu from Asia Racing Team and Charles Leong from BlackArts Racing were respectively standing on the top 2 grid, while Brad Dias from BlackArts Racing was on the 3rd. His teammate Pavan Ravishankar was on the 4th. Daniel was surrounded by BlackArts Racing Team.

During the start, the crowd were all rushed into the 1st corner and many cars were affected by Stephen Hong incident and taking the corner at the ramp. Charles took the lead from Daniel before the end of the first lap and safety car was dispatched which cooled down a bit on the battle between two young drivers.

On the 6th lap, Charles and Daniel were still fighting for the 1st position, while Cao Zhuo from Asia Racing Team took the advantage from the battle in front and overtook both of them. However, Daniel showed his skills and retrieved the pole position immediately. Cao Zhuo then made offensive moves and took back the 1st place in the 9th lap.

Due to the tight battle, poor tires condition were started to appear to different drivers while Daniel was suffering with this problem and Cao Zhuo spread the gap from then and took the champion in the end. Daniel maintained the pace well to take 2nd place while 3rd place goes to Charles.