Frank Yee won the first Clio Cup China Series Champion in Zhejiang International Circuit

Source:Renault Clio Cup China Series   Post:2017-07-02
As of the first race on Sunday, Renault Clio Cup China Series will be taking place under hot weather. Leading on pole position was David Lau, and Frank Yee was on the 2nd. A total of 13 Clio Cup cars were battling up in this new circuit.

The signal light was having error and led to a false start. Drivers took another formation lap and started the race again. Frank Yee and David Lau both had a good start while Frank had advantage from the inside of the track and took the lead in the first corner. Wang Hao Hao at the 3rd was maintaining the pace and started to chase the top 2 cars from behind.

Hong Kong celebrities Alex Fong and Jaqueline Chong in Class B were having a close battle in the beginning together and made a good highlight in the race.

During the 9th lap, Frank Yee made a braking mistake in the 14th corner and David took the chance and overtook Frank but he recovered so fast that he started to chase back David while Wang Hao Hao also joined the top 3 battle and successfully overtook Frank following David racing line.

The most dramatic scene was in the last two laps. David, on the pole position saw a slow car in the front, but when he wanted to slow down and change the racing line, Wang Hao Hao at the back accidentally hit David at the back and David spun and stopped on the track, while Wang Hao Hao was blocked at the same time. Although David recovered, Frank already spread the gap while the two leading cars stopped and this led Frank to be the champion. David took the 2nd while Terence Tse made to the 3rd.