FRD LMP3 Series Opening Race ended by unexpected weather

Source:FRD LMP3 Series   Post:2017-07-01
2017 FRD LMP3 Series had come to the first ever Opening Race on 1st July. The race started at 5:10pm with good weather which drivers can give all out during the race. However, the weather changed right at the rolling start and made the situation looks unpredictable.

After the formation lap all the cars were so close together and wait for the rolling start. No.95 from Craft Bamboo took the lead at T2 with a suspected short cut which caught the Stewart attention, and at the same time No.33 from S&D Motorsports chased up and the back. No.95 was being hit by No.33 at the rear in the first lap and spun on the track, and this led No.33 to a “drive though penalty”.

During the 15th lap, cars were starting to return to the pit and swap driver, while FRD LMP3 Series will have designated pit stop time for drivers with different categorization so as to make the race be fair. And this will also be an advantage for the teams that were falling behind. However, the weather started to get worse at the same time.

With only 10 minutes remaining, rain was starting to splash and the track condition was not ideal for all the drivers using slick tires, nor having another pit stop for changing tires. However, this half wet condition led to few cars slipped off the track and No.38 from DC Racing had also run on the gravel. The official decided to have the red flag to end the race.

No.3 from Eurasia had won the Opening Race while No.17 from PTRS took the 2nd and No.18 from KCMG took the 3rd. No 95 from Craft Bamboo Racing was penalized with 22 seconds for overtaking with short cut.