Grace Gui from Beijing first podium appearance in Asia Motorsport

Source:Asian Formula Renault   Post:2017-05-16
2017 Asian Formula Renault Round 3 and Round 4 had been finished on 7th May in Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia. The tropical forest weather disadvantages the driver in performing the best in the race. But the F1 circuit in Malaysia attracts thousands of drivers and audiences to visit and watch the races. Grace Gui, the only female driver in 2017 AFR Series, had completed two podiums including one champion in the Sepang race weekend. At this moment, she is leading in the Class B group.

Grace is a cute and kind girl, but she acts tough and mature when involving in motorsport. Picking up a new sport and to train herself to be stronger everyday is not as easy as verbal talking. Grace obtained the national racing license in 2014 and rally license by the end of the same year. She then started her intensive training and practice in a circuit that is 60km far from her home, while she had made to the track on time, 5 days week, never missed one. The most challenging part is the practicing time for the same body part in a month, and the time when practicing heel toe to become a common act in your daily life.

She started to join Asian Formula Renault by 2016, and since she had experience in other single seater series, racing in AFR became an advantage for her. Since circuit in Beijing didn’t open practice for formula cars, she then travelled a lot to Zhuhai and start training there. As long as the track is open, she will take a flight to Zhuhai and go home after few days practices. This 90s woman is just showing the crowd that if you insist to reach your dream, it will come true no matter what.

With certain high speed sectors, data showed that she had to sustain 2.5G force when turning into the corner. In order to get stronger, she ran outdoor for 5km 4 times a week, Thai boxing twice a week, swim and yoga every week. Moreover, I have make visits to track days and karting competitions also.

Having sponsorship in 2017, Grace started her full season race in Asian Formula Renault. With the great assistance with Malaysian team S&D Motorsports, she can race with all her effort without worrying about her ride. There are a lot of things to learn ahead, and Grace is humble to learn from experienced drivers and keep improving herself to climb to another level.