2017 Road to Champion is finishing the 2nd stage

Source:Road to Champion   Post:2017-05-15
2017 Road to Champion Young Driver Selection Program (2nd Season) is finishing the 2nd  stage - Karting within a month and a half. The 150 finalists from over 10,000 contestants will be promoting to the FRD intensive stage, including fitness test, body check, written test, karting and interview. Only few of the best drivers aged 16-23 will be providing sponsorship to race in the 2017 Asian Formula Renault, while aged 23 or above will be taking up the opportunity to race in 2017 Clio Cup China Series.

Among 70 karting selection points all over China, there are over 50,000 people applied and registered through Hiracer website and mobile application, while over 10,000 of them had made their trial for the time attack session. After two months of selection, there are around 300 contestants promoted to the final round of the 1
st stage. While including the finalists from May, there will be over 400 of them fighting for the FRD Round.

Kenneth MA, Founder Formula Racing Development, expressed that, “Just by two months’ time I have already realized there are more potential young drivers out there in China than I thought. What they need is just a chance to show themselves to us, to the teams, and to the globe what they got. Last year we successfully selected drivers from Hong Kong, Macau and China, while the winner was just 20 years old. At this moment Hiracer recorded there are almost 10,000 people took their shot and tried how fast they can drive. After they had been chosen, we will look into their background and observe if their personality and discipline are eligible to be a racing driver. I hope the finalists can shock the motorsport area of China, or maybe even the world class racing teams.