8-year-old Taekwondo Champion Lin Qiu Nan is leading in Road to Champion

Source:Road to Champion   Post:2017-04-12

During the shooting of Road to Champion Karting Selection venue in Zhejiang, there is a 8 years old kid who attracted people’s eyes. Lin Qiu Nan is an outstanding youngster who is an actor, a singer, and also a Taekwondo player. Other than his amazing performance in Taekwondo, this time he is being called “Karting Genius”.


During interview, we can see his truthiness at his age, while matureness can also be seen on him. There are a lot more stress and pressure that he had faced behind his glory, but seems like everything is worth from his smile.


Lin expressed that he hoped that he can make use of his talent within the entertainment industry and wish more people to join the young driver program. At this moment, Lin is leading in the Zhejiang Yuyao karting shop.