The Fight Resumed - Asian Formula Renault 2nd Race starting in Sepang F1 Circuit

Source:Asian Formula Renault   Post:2017-03-28

2017 Asian Formula Renault 2nd Race will be holding on 5th to 7th May in Sepang F1 Circuit, Malaysia. There will be 20 drivers from 5 teams competing for the race. First round Class A champions Charles Leong from BlackArts Racing will try to defend his title path from Daniel Lu from Asia Racing Team, his major opponent. Louis Prette from BlackArts Racing kept a good momentum and won the runner-ups for the weekend. S&D Motorsports from Malaysia will maintain the same roster for the 2nd race and looking forward to have a blast in the home circuit. Team KRC Billy Zheng and Stephen Hong had made their positions at top 10, proving their potential to win.


Class B David Pun from BlackArts Racing was running well on the second race.  Charles Lin and Hua Miao from Asia Racing Team and BlackArts Racing were performing awesome during the first race but they both lost the pace in the second run. However, they won the podium during the weekend and made them on the way to fight for the title champion. PS Racing will be having a roster of two drivers while Class B Iori Kimura will keep pushing the pace. The race will be under big heat in Malaysia and we will look forward on how drivers will perform.