KRC Duo Completed Season Debut

Source:Asian Formula Renault   Post:2017-03-27

2017 Asian Formula Renault Series kicked off at Zhuhai International Circuit on March 17th. Once again, the time has come, AFR has established to be one of the most developed and matured single seater series in China. This year, AFR will visit Zhuhai City, Malaysia, Thailand, Zhejiang City and Shanghai City, over 5 cities and 6 rounds of races, including many FIA Grade 1 level tracks challenging drivers and teams to bring out the best performance.


Kang’s Racing Company, KRC, has a clear vision of helping youngsters to develop well rounded and experience skill set where they can take on for the rest of their racing careers. The season opening round, KRC features two young talents, Stephen HONG and Billy ZHENG. Billy ZHENG will take on a full season campaign with KRC this year, with years of touring cars and single seaters experience under the belt, he set his eyes on podium finishes and series champion trophy. Stephen HONG represents a great youth talent of the next generation Chinese drivers, this will be his first season in AFR, however, with the great performance over the winter testing, Stephen shows promising speed and surprised many seasonal veterans.


The qualifying on Saturday morning, many drivers ended up running off the track due to the sudden pouring shower, the sudden weather changes brought out red flag, forced a few drivers to abandon the qualifying laps. KRC duo started in mid field in both rounds of races. Billy and Stephen did not let the poor results of qualifying changed their approach to the race. With great speed and over taking moves, Billy and Stephen finished 4th and 6th respectively. KRC’s team principal, Mars Kang, “2017 AFR marks an exciting start for KRC, this year we are delighted to announce that Stephen will be racing under KRC garage for the entire season. The 15 year-old youngster, Billy, despite the solid performance over the weekend, he has yet made the decision of his plan for the rest of the season. This year, not only in Asian Formula Renault Series, KRC will also make appearances in All-Japan Formula Three, China Touring Car Championship and China GT.


Next round of AFR will take place in Malaysia Sepang International Circuit on May 5th to 7th.


KRC will soon bring you more news and updates. Thank you for all of our supporters and sponsors for joining us for this exciting season.


2017 AFR Series Calendar:

March 18th – 19th Zhuhai International Circuit

May 5th – 7th Malaysia Sepang International Circuit

June 24th – 25th the Chang International Circuit

August 5th – 6th Zhejiang Circuit

August 25th – 26th Shanghai International Circuit

September 16th – 17th Zhuhai International Circuit