Extreme weather show outstanding skills - BlackArts Racing Team Charles Leong made the Asian Formula Renault double champion

Source:Asian Formula Renault   Post:2017-03-19

The Asian Formula Renault round 2 was completed at 4:30 pm on 19th March. Bad weather with heavy rain was crucial. Following the four red flags yesterday morning during qualifying, the drivers were more cautious, but the road condition was even worse than imagined, and two formulas spun during the formula lap, and lots of cars ran out of the track during the race, fortunately there were still some drivers who tried hard to control and return to the track. On the fourth lap, due to the cars ran out right beside the track, the official decided to dispatch a safety car, the gap that Charles made with the cars at the back was vanished, but he did not feel pressure and spread the gap again with his main rival Daniel Lu from Asia Racing Team. Brad Hagen Dias from BlackArts Racing ran out of the track which he cannot continue the race and lost the podium. His Teammate Louis ran out of the track and fell from the 4th to the 12th, but the he performed so well in the last few laps and climbed to 3rd place and maintained till the end.

Charles Leong made the Asian Formula Renault double champion, Daniel Lu made double runner-up, and Louis made double 2nd runner-up.
Class B champion again goes to Xie Rui Lin from Champ Motorsport, and because the Charles Lin from Asian Racing Team returned to his starting position after spinning in the formation lap, the official gave him a 30 seconds penalty, Dominic Tjia rose to runner-up, third place goes to David Pun from BlackArts Racing Team. Master Trophy was again defended by Neric Wei from BlackArts Racing Team.

The next race will be held on May 5 at the Sepang International Circuit.