Aaron Kwok confirms FS Sport Racing Team to join FRD LMP3 Series

Source:FRD LMP3 Series   Post:2017-03-19
Hong Kong celebrity Aaron Kwok FS Sport Racing Team Establishment Press Conference had been held during 2017 Pan Delta Super Racing Festival in Zhuhai International Circuit. The team name, as Aaron clarified, is combine with his name and his goodwill towards to team. He was accompanied by Kenneth Ma, FRD and FRD LMP3 Series founder, and Chen Xin Zhong, general manager of Zhuhai International Circuit to celebrate this important moment.


The FRD LMP3 (Le Mans Prototype 3) Series is the brand new premier prototype series in China. Backed by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO), the championship brings together the best drivers, teams and selection of LMP3 cars to compete over a five-round format that will be managed and implemented to the highest international standards.


With four rounds held in China and one in Malaysia, the professional competition will see two LMP3 cars entered from each team; driven by one professional international driver and one Chinese motorsport rising star to ensure the highest quality Chinese driver development the country has ever seen.


Founder of Formula Racing Development and FRD LMP3 Series Kenneth Ma expressed that, “Me and Aaron was good friends for decades, while we were also a good competitor for each other. His racing skills was astonishing and his joining will make the series more competitive and the race will be going to be more professional. New hope will be available for future young stars to get into the World Series in the future.”


General Manager of Zhuhai International Circuit Chen Xin Zhong said that, “This is a very good promotion for FRD to put the last event of the series in Zhuhai International Circuit, both for the race and us. More audiences will be attracted to visit the circuit and will also bring along good economy to Zhuhai. We would like to thank FRD to have such decision and the race will be putting into the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival in the third week of September.”


FS Sports is the second team who established by celebrity after Jimmy Lin, another Taiwan pop star. Their battle will become one of the most flashing point in the series.


FRD LMP3 Series Race Schedule:

2017.5.14 Shanghai, China

2017.7.2 Zhejiang, China

2017.7.23 Sepang, Malaysia

2017.8.27 Shanghai, China

2017.9.17 Zhuhai, China