Charles Leong from BlackArts Racing won his first Asian Formula Renault champion

Source:AFR Series   Post:2017-03-18

The first Asian Formula Renault 2017 was completed at 3:00pm. As the weather was very good, the drivers can push the car to a higher limit with the new compound tires. BlackArts Racing Team driver Charles Leong has been focused on defensive strategies at the start on Asia Racing Team driver Daniel Lu, and their battle with each other was also spreading the gap with the other 20 opponents, while Daniel clocked the overall fastest Lap of 1:34.901, putting a lot of pressure to Charles. But he still maintain the pace well to stay ahead. During the 8th lap, Safety car shown up due to car ran out of the track, and at the same time there are two drivers got into serious impact, the official immediately rasied a red flag and the race ended with early suspension. Charles successfully won the first Asian Formula Renault Champion, followed by Daniel Lu, Leong’s teammate Louis to obtain the third.

As for the B Class, Xie Rui Lin from Champ Motorsport again being the playmaker in the race and won the class champion while defeating two Class A cars also. Hua Miao from BlackArts Racing won the runner-up, last year's Road to Champion driver Lin Taian made the third place. Master Trophy won by the Neric Wei from BlackArts Racing.

The second race will be held tomorrow at 3:50 pm.