AFR Series New Record made by Charles Leong from BlackArts Racing

Source:AFR Series   Post:2017-03-17
Asian Formula Renault 2nd official practice had finished on 17th March at 3:55pm. After the first practice drivers were more familiar with the circuit and the weather was cool and dry. With the new compound of the tires, cornering and straightaway speed were a lot quicker than before. Charles Leong from BlackArts Racing clocked the fastest ever of 1:33.989 in Asian Formula Renault Series, which was over a second faster than his teammate Josh Burdon. This proved the improvement of the tires helped along the lap time, and also proving the talented skills of Chinese drivers. Daniel Lu from Asia Racing Team was having a gap of 0.055s with the pole and Pavan Ravishankar from BlackArts Racing was doing so well to be on the 3rd.


Class B Hua Miao from BlackArts Racing was suffering in the first session of official practice but he managed his pace well and took the pole in the second seesion of practice with 1:38.039 personal best. His teammate David Pun was able to keep up the pace with only 0.2s gap and Charles Lin from Asia Racing Team was on the 3rd. 2016 Road to Champion overall winner Marcus Song from S&D Motorsports was making his first trail in a Class A car so he will need more time to get used to it.


Qualifying will be starting at 9:10am tomorrow morning.