22 AFR battling up in Pan Delta Opening

Source:AFR Series   Post:2017-03-17
Asian Formula Renault R1-R2 will be starting on 18th March in Pan Delta Super Racing Festival, while today two official practices will be undergoing by a total of 22 AFRs and 6 teams. Class A young driver Daniel Lu from Asia Racing Team clocked the fastest lap with 1:34.787, spreading a gap of 0.4s with Charles Leong from BlackArts Racing. Charles’s teammate Louis Prette clocked 1:35.213, another BlackArts driver Pavan Ravishankar clocked 1:35.377 and standing on the fourth.During the official practice Karl Yip from Asia Racing Team had crashed in T10 during the middle of the session and red flag had been shown. Luckily the session resumed quickly after that.


Class B Charles Lin from Asia Racing Team was clocking the fastest lap time of 1:37.499, with only 0.248s gap with Xie Rui Lin from Champ Motorsports. David Pun from BlackArts Racing was having training last week by the team and had good understanding to the track, he clocked his personal best time of 1:37.971.


2nd official practice will be starting by 3:25pm