Jimmy Lin officially announces leading PTRS to join FRD LMP3 Series

Source:FRD LMP3 Series   Post:2017-02-25

On 23rd February, Shanghai was having a cold week with rain, but two big news from motorsport brought warmness to the city. The first big news is FRD LMP3 Series will be hosting the debut race in Shanghai International Circuit in mid-May, while second news is Taiwan pop star and professional driver Jimmy Lin officially announces he will be leading PTRS Racing Team to join FRD LMP3 Series.


Medias from China had come to the circuit to witness the press conference. Jimmy Lin had given a speech on his team’s joining and his past experience in motorsport. He had introduced the race content of FRD LMP3 Series and expressed his excitement racing in the China’s first ever Le Mans Prototype Series. He emphasized that this will be a new milestone for motorsport in China, while this will be a new challenge for Chinese young driver to develop their career path in becoming a professional driver.


After that, Jimmy revealed the LMP3 car he is going to use in the race with FRD founder Kenneth Ma in front of the crowd. He then showed the media around the car and explained his plan with the car in the upcoming season.


At the end of the press conference, Jimmy encouraged whoever interested in racing or sponsoring PTRS and FRD LMP3 Series might contact with FRD and the team via email or any social platform. He believed that this series will bring along potential business relationships and commercial opportunity.