Josh Burdon from BlackArts Racing took the last champion from the AFR series home

Source:AFR Series   Post:2016-10-30
2016 Asian Formula Renault Series finale race had finished on 30th October at 10:35am. Pressure was all gone to the top 3 AFR drivers because they had already secured their overall position for the series. However, as there were a total of 20 formulas in the last race, the race was pretty heated up in the very beginning. Four cars were going through the last corner and went onto gravel, while Hong ShiJie from Team KRC lost control and had impact with Ni Weiliang from Asia Racing Team. Both of the cars were hit on to the walls and had to retire from the race.

Although the safety car was shown after the incident, the battle between Maxx Ebenal from Asia Racing Team, Josh Burdon from BlackArts Racing and Najiy Ayyad from S&D Motorsports. Josh was able to spread the gap during the middle of the race and two other drivers were maintaining the pace well until the finish line. Josh made to the champion again for the last race and all three drivers finished with the same position as their overall position.

Class B was still in a close fight between Andy Ngan from KCMG, Brad Hagen Dias from BlackArts Racing and Marcus Song from S&D Motorsports. During the middle of the race Brad overtook Andy and leading for a few laps, but Andy kept up the pace and took back the pole position and Marcus found another opportunity and overtook Brad in the end. This KCMG Road to Champion driver made to the champion for the last race while Marcus and Brad finished the race with only 0.173s and 0.158s difference in total. Master Trophy goes to William Tan from Asia Racing Team.

Class B overall champion goes to Jasper Thong from Asia Racing Team, his teammate took the 1st runner up, while Marcus Song won both the Class B 2nd runner up and overall championship of “Road to Champion”. Class A Team Champion goes to BlackArts Racing and Class B Team Champion goes to Asia Racing Team.

See you again in 2017 Asian Formula Renault.