Josh Burdon dominated again in AFR 2016 series - led him to the early overall champion

Source:AFR Series   Post:2016-10-29

Asian Formula Renault R9 had been finished at 4:30pm. There were a total of 20 Formula Renault competing in this round, while the focus will be on the title battle between Josh Burdon from BlackArts Racing and Maxx Ebenal from Asia Racing team, and the fight between the Road to Champion drivers was also a lighting point this weekend. Due to the bad weather right before the race start, the official decided to announce WET TRACK. However, some drivers were feeling the circuit was not that wet to use rain tires, so drivers like Maxx decided to use slick tires. The race was started by safety car start, and Maxx were being overtaken by Pavan Ravishankar from BlackArts Racing and Shijie Hong from Team KRC before the first corner due to the traction of the tires, and Josh took the lead from the beginning and spreading the gap lap by lap. Although safety car shown up due to cars spinning in corners, Josh was still able to take the early overall championship of Asian Formula 2016 and his teammate Pavan took the 1st runner up. Maxx chased hardly and retook Shijie Hong at the end of the race and took the 3rd.

Class B champion goes to Road to Champion driver Marcus Song from S&D Motorsports and brought him the precious points to win the overall champion of the RTC group. Li Qing Yuan from BlackArts Racing will have to pick up the pace and get as many points as possible. Runner-ups were dominated by BlackArts Racing drivers Brad Hagen Dias and David Pun. Pete Olson from BlackArts Racing took the Master Trophy.

R10 wil be starting on 30th October at 10:05am