Driver Development Coach Roman Engel from Renault Sport provide precious physical and mental training to Road to Champion drivers

Source:Asian Formula Renault   Post:2016-09-21
Road to Champion drivers had just finished their second race of Asian Formula Renault China Series in Zhuhai. During the Pan Delta finale race weekend Roman Engel from Renault Sport Driver Development Program had made a visit to China and try to know more about these young drivers from their daily living style to exercising frequency. Moreover, he provided healthy menu and warmups to them before every session, so as to keep them away from injury.


Roman explained that, “There are a lot of potential young drivers around the global, but they focused too much on the driving techniques but did not pay much attention to their body strengthen, which caused them suffering from having a stable lap time during the race. Since this is a very precious opportunity that FRD had chosen these 6 drivers out from hundreds and thousands of candidates, I hope I can teach them how to make themselves stronger and perform better during the race.”


Six drivers were driving better than the first race in Shanghai, no matter from their lap time and driving style. By this moment, Marcus Song from S&D Motorsports is leading in the drivers’ table, but Li Qing Yuan is just 9 points away from Marcus which the last race in Zhuhai will be the critical championship battle.