Challengers awaiting – Josh Burdon from BlackArts Racing double winning in Shanghai

Source:AFR Series   Post:2016-08-21

Round 8 AFR Series had finished at 3:55pm in Shanghai International Circuit. Pole driver Josh Burdon was having close battle with Maxx Ebenal from Asia Racing Team in the beginning of the race. While accident happened in the middle of the race, safety car showed up and the gap between drivers were closed up. However, when the safety car was leaving the track, Maxx made a mistaken and spun before turning into T1, losing the best opportunity to overtake the car in the front, and Najiy Ayyad from S&D Motorsports and Max Chen from Asia Racing Team took the position.


Class B was still the battle between the Asia Racing Team drivers Jasper Thong and Hua Miao. In the last session of the race Hua Miao was seeking for chance to overtake, but Jasper defended so well and he finally won his first champion in the series. 2nd runner-up goes to Road to Champion driver Song Xu Je again, which was his 2nd trophies in this round.


The next race will be hosting in Zhuhai International Circuit. The date will be 16th September.