AFR Shanghai Qualifying Josh Burdon from BlackArts Racing clocked the fastest lap

Source:AFR Series   Post:2016-08-20

Asian Formula Renault Series R7-R8 Qualifying session had be finished on 19th August afternoon. Josh Burdon from BlackArts Racing clocked his personal and overall fastest during 2nd lap, with 2:08.678. Maxx Ebenal from Asia Racing Team made a close gap of 0.375s with the leading car and his teammate Evan Chen clocked 2:09.567 personal fastest standing on 3rd, but the difference with Josh was almost a second, he will need to push harder during the race tomorrow. Young driver Li Qing from BlackArts Racing made a stable pace and clocked 2:13.770 fastest.

Class B drivers Hua Miao and Jasper Thong from Asia Racing Team were dominating the class, while all other Road to Champion drivers were improving time by time. Song Xu
Je from S&D Motorsports clocked the fastest among the RTC drivers, and Andy Ngan from KCMG also clocked in 1:16 range. The difference with the leading car in the group closed up to 4 seconds only.

First race
will be starting on 20th August at 9:55am.