Get ready for the battle - Road to Champion drivers are practicing with BlackArts Racing in Zhuhai

Source:AFR Series   Post:2016-08-16

Super Speed Race is holding this week in Shanghai International Circuit. Since SIC is one of the most challenging circuit in China, drivers are preparing with their max effort, especially the drivers selected from “Road to Champion” are feeling excited but also nervous about their debut Asian Formula Renault race. Some drivers had done practice in Zhuhai International Circuit, with professional coaching from Josh Burdon from BlackArts Racing Team.


Among the practiced drivers Andy Ngan, Ernie Yu, Taki Tam and Li Qing Yuan, they had performed pretty well during their first ever formula experience and Andy clocked 1:46 range in his 3rd session in the day, which surprised the service team and coaches. On the other hand, CKC champions Li Qing Yuan had done practices both in Shanghai and Zhuhai. The race will be more exciting with new comers.


Asian Formula Renault R7-R8 official practice will be starting on Friday afternoon. Stay Tuned!