Josh Burdon from BlackArts Racing took back the fastest lap in 2nd practice session of AFR Series

Source:AFR Series   Post:2016-06-10

Asian Formula Renault R5-R6 2nd official practice session had already done at 3:00pm this afternoon. Early in the morning Leo Ye from Team KRC clocked the overall fastest lap time of 1:39.627, but after technical tweaks with the mechanics, Josh Burdon from BlackArts Racing clocked 1:37.768 fastest lap for today and made a 0.3s gap with Leo. Najiy Ayyad from S&D Motorsports had clocked the 3rd fastest lap of 1:38.547, while Liu Kai from Asia Racing Team still chasing close at the back.


Qualifying session will be starting at 9:10am on 11th June.