3 winnings in 4 - Josh Burdon from BlackArts Racing will go all out in Thai in June

Source:AFR Series   Post:2016-05-24

2016 Asian Formula Renault R3-R4 had finished last Sunday in Korea. Josh Burdon from BlackArts Racing won the first round in Zhuhai and now he also won both rounds in Korea, and he now is standing at the 2nd of the list. Josh’s target will be the overall Championship.


24-year-old Australian driver said, “I have made a great decision driving in China for 2016 season, while I am also glad to work with BlackArts Racing Team in Asian Formula Renault for the whole 2016 series, makes me feel great about driving and having fun in formula car. Fortunately I took 3 champions in the last 4 rounds. Other than the mechanics and team manager Bill O’Brien, I would like to give a huge appreciation to my family for supporting me in motorsports. I will do my best in the upcoming race in Thai and aim for the overall Championship.”

The BlackArts Racing (BAR) team was founded by a group of four entrepreneurs, business 

The BlackArts Racing (BAR) team was founded by a group of four entrepreneurs, business professionals and senior executives with a passion for motorsports and circuit racing in early 2015. With a vision to become a dominant force in the Asian racing community, offering young and gentleman drivers alike to race in competitive machinery, BAR rapidly established a strong team of experienced formula and touring car managers, engineers, and mechanics and assembled race ready and competitive formula cars.