Strong Return to Formula Renault – Thomas Luedi

Source:AFR Series   Post:2015-11-13

2015 was the 3rd Asian Formula Renault (AFR) season for Thomas, a Swiss driver who has 

chosen Shanghai as his home. Born and raised in Switzerland, chosen Shanghai as his home.

 It was a great comeback with a great team after suffering from a serious accident in 

September 2014.

Thomas sustained serious neck injury from a crash during 2015 Pan Delta race weekend in 

September, and had to sit out all winter testing and Rounds 1 & 2 of the 2015 AFR season.  

After being cleared to race again in April this year, he chose to compete in the new A class 

Formula Renault category and he won the Masters class trophy in every race he finished.  

Thomas made his comeback in Sepang during AFR Rounds 3 & 4 and from there on continually

improved his race performance as he further developed his racing technique to get the most out

 of his Class A Formula Renault. He ended the 2015 AFR season in Shanghai with his best result 

ever, proving that he can still deliver fast lap times at his age.

Thomas attributes his improvements this year to the professional support from the BlackArts 

Racing (BAR) team, of which he is a founder and co-owner. “This year was a huge step up 

from previous seasons”, he says. “The opportunity to work with top level race engineers and 

coaches, have the top racers as team members and being embedded in a professional environment

 has made a huge difference to me this year. Preparations for the 2016 season started the day after

 the 2015 AFR season was completed and BAR has helped me craft a holistic plan to best prepare, 

including multi-day winter tests, physical and mental training and participation in endurance races in GT

 and touring cars over the winter months.”

Thomas will participate again in the Class A category in the 2016 AFR season.  “My racing friends tell me

 that racing years in Formula Renault is just boring, I should try something different, for example 

prototypes or GT cars.”  Thomas disagrees. “Personally, I think formula cars are the ultimate race 

cars. The feeling of being squeezed in a tiny cockpit, the engine roaring behind my back, sitting 

a few centimeters above the track surface and the fast acceleration and short braking distances 

is unmatchable.” He has plans, though, to test higher performance formula cars this winter and next year.