How does the driver feel ahead of the season finale?

Source:   Post:2021-01-07

The eRacing Winter Season final round will race in one of our favourite F1 track: Shanghai International Circuit.

How does the driver/ team feel ahead of the season finale?

Clio Cup:

Tianyang Zhang: I hope I can keep the leading position. My performance in Sepang is not good enough to secure my pole in Shanghai, I need kind of improvement or I may lose to Ho Sekyin.

Wenchao Zhong: I am so excited and hope I will not be knocked away this time.

Ho Sek Yin: Look forward to battle with the two drivers for the crown. Again, thanks G.O.D. for the support.

Alex Wang: The 4th place on the leaderboard for now is acceptable. Although the gap between myself and the top three is quite big, there are still opportunities. So I'm looking forward to the final race.


Owen Li: I am very much looking forward to this race in Shanghai. Shanghai circuit often offers great racing opportunities and I can’t wait to battle it out on track with other drivers. Last race there was a massive pile up where I was unfortunately a part of. I hope that in the final two races we can race each other hard but fair so we can all have a clean race to see off the season.

Edmund Wong: hopefully have a good clean race so I can finish in top 3 on the final standing

YukB Chan: Thanks SGAN Motorsports, thank you FRD for organizing the eRacing event covering Asian area, which allow me to compete with the Masters. Too soon to be the final race, hope to see you on track soon.

Arthur Wong: Coming ahead to the season finale I think this race series has been very good although I had some personal struggles with the car but for the competition it was really good, lots of things learnt here and meet lots of different and well experienced people. The on track battling was friendly although little contact sometimes. Overall it was a nice experience I’m looking forward to the last race

Let us take a closer look at the track:

The Shanghai International Circuit is best known as the venue for the annual Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix which has been hosted since 2004. The track layout was inspired from the Chinese character shang (), the first character in the name of the city Shanghai.

Herman Tilke who has designed Sepang track also chosen to design the Shanghai track and associated buildings.

There’s a unique start to the lap as the drivers fly into the ever-tightening Turns 1 and 2. The super-high g force Turns 7 and 8 are loved by the drivers, while the circuit also features one of the longest straights, the 1.2 km stretch that separates turns 13 and 14.

Head over to the stream at 20:30 to watch the Live on Facebook and YouTube, also follow us for further updates on our progress.

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