Get ready for the final round of the RS Asia eRacing Winter Season!

Source:   Post:2021-01-06

After almost two months of racing, the RS Asia eRacing Winter Season comes down to the final round. The last two races, taking place on 8 January, will determine the destination of both driver and team titles.

Clio Cup eRacing drivers Tianyang Zhang, Wenchao Zhong and Ho Sik Yin in contention for the drivers’ championship, there is the potential for them to fight each other hard for the better spot in the standings.

Alex Wang reveals that the teams’ championship takes priority, he and Sheldon Chong, together with other teammates, are dealing with the situation on their professionalism. They have a clear goal which is the teams’ championship.


The Formula eRacing driver currently leading the way is Luis Moreno. Across the four races run so far this season, Luis has won two and placed on podium another two times – in fact he’s occupied the Top 3 in all races. Singaporean young guy Dillan Tan has made two trips to the podium, including one win. He’s being chased hard by SGAN Motorsport Jay Yang, who’s 3 points back only. With two drivers in the top three, Roadstar Racing Team leads in the team championship.

Owen Li managed to finish on the podium in all races, but the last race was comparatively fruitless as he only scored two points in Sepang track, no matter how he hasn’t finished outside the points.


Two of the final round races take place this Friday, starting at 2030 for Clio Cup and 2130 for Formula Renault, at Shanghai F1 track, and with the table as tight as it is, the titles require a final race run-off on Friday.