Luis Moreno, Dillan Tan & Roadstar Racing Team keep leading the Formula Renault eRacing Championship

Source:   Post:2020-12-16

Driver Standings come out after two rounds of Formula Renault eRacing Winter Season.

#15 Jay Yang finished the drivers’ championship in third with 73 points, just 3 points behind #34 Dillan Tan and 8 points ahead of #55 Owen Li.

#21 Luis Moreno has scored a minimum of 20 points in all four races, which helps him to leads the championship point. Owen Li scored a minimum of 20 points in first 3 races but lost a significant point in last race.

#699 Terrence Lallave had a lesson from first round. This round he finished eight and fouth-place, the overall position is moved from 12 to seven.

Roadstar Racing Team is 66 points leading the Team Championship. Jay Yang, Calix Poon and Barry Ho have achieved a great performance and made a valuable contribution to the Team, SGAN Motorsports is now occupied the second position in Overall Team Championship.