Breaking News! Two Hong Kong drivers to be selected to compete in the GBA Sim Racing Grand Prix Final Round

Source:   Post:2020-11-24

GBA Sim Racing Grand Prix Organizer will select two HK drivers from RS Asia eRacing Winter Season round 1 scheduled on 27 November, to compete in the Final Round of GBA Sim Racing Grand Prix in Macau on 16-18 December.

GBA Sim Racing Grand Prix” is organized by Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of Guangdong, undertaken by Shanghai SailingUp Sports and Culture Limited Company (帆升体育文化有限公司)sponsored by Melco International Development Limitedcompetitors are selected from nine cities of Guangdong Province, HK and Macau.

The final round will be held in Macau, the selected competitors are required to quarantine for 14 days in Macau. The organizer will take care of the accommodation during the quarantine and competition period. The selected candidates will start the journey from 1 December.