2020 Formula Renault AsiaCup & eRacing Series

Source:   Post:2020-04-27

The emergency measures triggered by the coronavirus are affecting sports events on a global scale and have forced us to review the schedules, we expect the actual competition to resume in end of June and propose to keep the championship staying in China only.

When the spread of the coronavirus requests us to keep our distance to stay safe, FRD decided to launch the Formula Renault AsiaCup eRacing Series during these times of social separation, to keep drivers engaged until it’s possible to return to the racetracks again.

The Formula Renault AsiaCup eRacing Series will contain 3 events, welcomes series drivers, non-series drivers, race fans and friends to participate. An opening race will be scheduled on May 16 while a test day will be arranged on April 25 to make sure all competitors can login to our server. eRacing is scheduled at night time within 21:30-23:30 HK Time.

The eRacing Provisional Race Calendar:

Event 1   May 16   Zhuhai track

Event 2   June 6    Sepang track

Event 3   July 4     Shanghai track

The Series will have an independent trophy for the top 3 winners. In the meantime, 10% point in the best two events will grant the competitors bonuses to be spent when the real championship will actually kick off.

The detailed sporting regulation will be announced in these days. Below is some basic information:

1. All results will be listed on the standings on the official website.

2. Seat is limited, we will have priority for the drivers who have entered the actual championship.

3. Set of eRacing Equipment, includes computer, seat and racing wheel with pedals, can be ordered with FRD. Upon request, we will provide the spec and quotation. The order must be confirmed with payment by 30th April.

4. Competitors should download the game Assetto Corsa and provide us the Steam code to enter the Series server.

5. The eRacing Season registration fee:

Standard price: RMB400 / HKD440

-          your name and race no. will be put on the car

Premium price: RMB1,000 / HKD1,100

-          we can help to put your exclusive car design on the esports track

Teams and drivers who are interested in joining the Formula Renault AsiaCup eRacing Series, please register via http://FRasiacupsimracing.rsvpify.com

We are monitoring the situation and we’ll unveil the details of the real championship in due course. For the time being, let’s race at home!