With the concept of having a professional, competitive entry level racing for young drivers, Formula Racing Development (FRD), introduces FORD’s Formula Campus Championship to the Asian region. Started in 1997, it provided a modern and professional platform for aspiring young racers in Asia to challenge and test themselves. Focusing purely on developing the driver’s skill, all Campus cars were designed and built identically. Same parts, same engines, same wheels, giving no single driver a mechanical advantage with modifications. If you want to win, you do it based on your skills alone.

In 2007, the Formula Campus cars were upgraded with more advanced engineering, design and training technology. Body chassis’ were improved for aerodynamics and the MoTec Data Analysis system was introduced to allow trainers and the drivers themselves, to get a better understanding of training progression and driving skill. In cooperation with Changan Ford and their joint commitment with FRD to help promote motorsports in Asia, Ford engines and gearboxes were also installed into the cars for a remarked leap forward in performance and racing time.