• Shanghai International Circuit

    The Shanghai International Circuit was designed as the race circuit for the new millennium. And the modern track, with its stunning architecture, has achieved its goal of becoming China's gateway to the world of Formula One racing since it debuted on the calendar in 2004.

    Circuit architects Hermann Tilke and Peter Wahl on their creation: “The 5.4 km racing track is shaped like the Chinese character 'shang', which stands for 'high' or 'above'. Other symbols represented in the architecture originate from Chinese history, such as the team buildings arranged like pavilions in a lake to resemble the ancient Yuyan-Garden in Shanghai. Here, nature and technology are carefully used to create harmony between the elements.”

    Address: Shanghai International Circuit: No.2000 Yining Road Jiading District Shanghai China 201814
    T: (+86) 2163305555
    F: (+86) 2163306655


  • Zhuhai International Circuit

    Zhuhai International Circuit is the first permanent racing Circuit built in China. It was completed in November 1996, at the time of its completion, it also held its first international event, the BPR Global GT Series.

    ZIC is designed to FIA Formula One (F1) and FIM Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP) specifications. A fast corner leads car and motorcycles into the 900 metre straight immediately, allowing cars to reach the maximum speed of over 300 km / h. The average track width is 12 meters, while the start/finish straight is 14 meters wide.

    Since its inception, ZIC has held numerous international race events, including BPR Global GT Series, FIA GT Championship, A1 Grand Prix and Intercontinental Le Mans Cup.

    Address: Zhuhai international circuit Jinding town Guangdong province china.
    Telephone: +86 (0)756 3383228

  • ChengDu International Circuit

    Chengdu international circuit was approved by the federation international automobile as the second level track .It is the multiple function large circuit, including automobile sports, automobile culture, automobile travel, automobile repacking.

    The equipments of Chengdu international circuit consisted of GP2 track, cross country vehicle track and safety driving experience field. It could hold International and domestic automobile and motorcycle racing. GP2 track the 3.331 KM, and the width 12 22 meter, corner 14, big line length 830 meters, the highest design which it can reach speeds of 280 KM.

    The safety driving experience field is 375*55meter pitch structure area.it was set steel plated water spray 50meters and pitch water spray 50meter, suit to imitate snow area and rain area.

    Address: Jingang track Jinjiang area Chengdu city Sichuan province china.

  • Edors International Circuit

    The Erdos Circuit has two international track large International Circuit, is Kangbashi District, Ordos City to create the core projects of the Motor Sport tourism and leisure and cultural.

    Speedway covers an area of 106 hectares, the track length of 3.751 kilometers, the road width of 12-15 meters, with a maximum drop of 32 meters, known as China's first international mountain track. A total of 18 corners, and the design maximum speed of 296 km / h. FIA certification in September 2010 for the two international track; is the first by a Chinese independent design, construction and can be upgraded to international secondary circuit of the F1 circuit. This is the world's first animal forms to build the overall linear track, the track is shaped like a riding horse, the main grandstand of the form Pre-employment Training flying eagle, eagle flying horse Mercedes-Benz, shows the the Erdos rich regional culture, is also a sign Genghis Khan descendants of by horseback times across to the history of racing age.

    Address: Kangbashi new area Edors city Neimenggu province china.

  • Guangdong international circuit

    Guangdong international circuit(Total investment RMB0.28 billion),invested by Guangdong Zhanqing Gentai Corporation, is built in accordance with F3(Formula 3) class of Féderation International de L' automobile(FIA). GIC, located in Dawang Road, Zhaoqing Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, Guangdong, has an area of 550 acres. The track is 2.82 km long, including 5 left turns and 8 right turns. The straight stretch is 718m. The standard width of the track is 12-15 m. The top speed is 250km/h. Addition to the track, the circuit is equipped with control center, rest room and paddock for the team, skid pad for the fresh, VIP suite, podium, broadcasting room, interview room, press conference room, and conference room and so on. With comprehensive and high-level communicating and internet facilities, GIC is a perfect place to hold business meeting, salon, press release, training and other cultural activities.

    Address: Dawang Street new tech development zone Zhaoqing city Guangdong province

  • Shanghai Tianma circuit

    Shanghai Tianma circuit was built in 26th Sept 2004, which is the one of the two professional racing circuits in Yangtze River Delta area. the track 2.063km,straight width 12meter,8 left curves and 6 right curves ,there are 4 curves width even reach 14 meter. The special, challenge, fun track is followed anticlockwise.whervever where you stay, you can see the full track perfectly.

    Address:No3000 Shenzhuan road Songjiang area Shanghai city China
    Telephone:021 5766 9090