Power. Tight adrenaline fueled power. Where you feel your heart racing ahead of your body. Such is the Asian Grand Tourismo (AGT), with their high performance engines revving through your very soul.

Organized and promoted cooperatively by Formula Racing Development (FRD) and Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC), the series is considered one of Asia’s premiere Supercar races. Attracting drivers on an international scale, they come from as far away as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Italy and as close as Hong Kong (S.A.R.), China, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia.

With its' 8th highly anticipated year starting in 2012, five races are currently planned at Shanghai International Circuit (SIC), Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC), and even more, the first race of this, AGT will move to Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, become the supporing race of MSS.